Paul and Renee Moats Realty Team Credit Report Check-up Homes to Dreams
Stay informed and know your credit score

Getting ready to buy a home?  Lenders review your credit history to determine your creditworthiness.
Did you know you can request a free credit report once per year?

The three credit reporting agencies with information on your credit history are:

Each of these credit reporting agencies are independent of each other.  Although each of the
agencies uses a different format for its credit report, the information found in each agencies report is
fundamentally the same. The term "Tri-Merge" credit report comes from merging all three agencies credit scores
together for a combined one average score = Tri-Merge score.

To obtain your annual free credit report go to:

Reviewing your credit report before beginning the home buying process will put you in a better
position to move smoothly in the process.  You will know before obtaining a Preapproval if
there are areas of your credit report that need corrected, need updated or that you may need to improve.
Creditors, banks, lenders, employers and even insurance companies use the information 

in your credit report to evaluate and predict how likely you are to repay your debts and make payments on time.

Doing the homework upfront and being prepared can get you that much closer to buying your "Home to Dreams."